About Us


Fi Mi Kingston – Is the patios (pronounced “pat-wa”) way of saying “My Kingston.” Patios is a dialect spoken in Jamaica. It is the hope of the founders to bring their version of Kingston, Jamaica, to the Pacific Northwest; through their unique and authentic blend of Jamaican Jerk Seasonings (dry rubs), that capture the essence of Jamaica, using natural ingredients to produce worldly flavors.

Jerk – Jerk has been a part of Jamaica’s culinary tradition for centuries. Jerk is an authentic Jamaican way of cooking pork, chicken, seafood, beef and vegetables: Anything edible can be Jerked. It is alleged that the Maroons – escaped slaves who ran away to the mountains of Jamaica, were the first to Jerk wild boar over pimento wood. The taste of Jerk best exemplifies Jamaica and the Jamaican people; spicy and hot, yet sweet! Jerk rubs are typically hot with scotch bonnet peppers (habaneros); however, as you savor the taste, the multiplicity of spices and flavors, latches on to your tongue, and all the different elements come together to create a taste that is second to none. With “Fi Mi Kingston” blend of Jamaican Jerk Seasonings, you can experience the taste of Jamaica from the comfort of your home.

The Founders – Craig and Nhu both met in Kingston, Jamaica in 1998. Nhu was an enthusiastic Peace Corps volunteer and Craig was part of Peace Corps Jamaica’s administrative staff. We both have a passion for education and giving back to our community. We believe that education changes lives. A portion of our profits will go towards supporting educational initiatives in Jamaica (the country of Craig’s birth), Vietnam (the country of Nhu’s birth) and in the state of Oregon (the place we now call home). We have been blessed with 4 beautiful daughters. We hope you will embark with us on this journey as we share Fi Mi Kingston, My Kingston Jamaica with you – Yeah Man Fi Real!!